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Related article: Caught by the Neighbor Boy body { margin-left: 10%; margin-right: 10%; font-size: 1.05em; } p { font-family: "verdana", sans-serif; text-align: justify; text-indent: 4em; } H4 { font-size: 2em; font-weight: bold; text-align: center; text-decoration: underline; } Caught ***Warning, this story contains love between an adult male and a young teen male as well as diaper love. Should this not be the type of story that you wish to read, then please leave now. If you failed to read this and started at the story and are disgusted, well I tried to warn you. If you however do wish to read this type of story, then I hope that you enjoy this short story of true love. I would love to hear from you after you have read my story and invite almost any comments at erich5748 Thanks.*** Steven Michaels is your average mid thirties gay male in most respects, at least he thought so. He had a nice job that paid well, he had a few close friends, owned his own house, had a nice car, and he did not look at all bad. He has had a few flings in the past, a few of them even lasting a couple years, but as of yet, the perfect guy has still not appeared and made Steven feel that life was perfect. He is almost six feet tall, short stylish brown hair, green eyes, strong nose and jaw and a ready smile. Most that saw him thought that he was really good looking. The women that knew him or met him thought it a rotten shame he was gay and happy being so, because he was open about it and would tell anyone who asked. As with most gay men, he enjoys playing with his ass, he is a true versatile, and enjoys giving and receiving equally. So whenever he is without partner, he enjoys his alone playtime, and has a nice selection of toys to play with. There was only really one thing about Steven hentai tgp lolicon that he thought was strange, but he had met so many other gay guys into the same thing that he was starting to believe that maybe that was not the case. Although, he lolitta top tgp had met more than a few as well vombat zeps loli that were totally bbs guide loli loli sex links aghast at the idea of getting diapered up with him and having sex. Those were usually the ones that did not stick around for long, maybe one or two good fuck sessions, and hot lolicon sex that was it. Amazingly enough though, he had converted a few of the guys that had not envisioned diapers previously, and one of them he had stayed with for nearly three years. Steven also has no other family that loli nude photos he knows of, he was an orphan from a young age, and no one ever came forth claiming him as family. He looked too to find out the reason loli nude 12 yo he was put out for adoption, but there were no records as to the reason why, and there were no birth parents even registered. He could find no reason as to this, and no one could tell him why either. He was however never adopted and ended up staying in foster care his entire childhood, once again, there was no reason he was not adopted, it just ended up being like that. Steven had been a bed wetter his entire life, and most of the time the families he stayed with did not care to give him the diapers he so clearly needed, although a few did, and he enjoyed living with them the most, because he knew he needed them. From that came his desire to wear diapers that never left him, and even to this day, Steven cannot sleep without wearing a diaper, but he enjoys that as well. The night our tale begins, Steven had been without boyfriend or any intimate male companionship for more than three months, loli virgin innocent 13 and he was getting the deep itch. He had played almost three nights a week anyway, but sometimes you just want company. Deciding though that he did not want to go out and try and find another guy to hook up with for a night or two, Steven just grabbed a small selection of toys, and went and laid on the living room floor in front of the TV, put on a good porn, and started fucking himself nice and slow and gentle through his soggy diaper. That was how he preferred it, slow and gentle, and through a diaper, preferably soggy. Thirteen year old Nicholas was once again wandering around his neighborhood this night. He was scared, ashamed, and almost broken. He knew he was different than the other boys in the area, and he could not stop it. He did not want to like other boys, he really didn't, he wanted to like looking at girls like all the others, but he just could not do it. He had tried looking at straight porn on the computer again this evening, but he almost threw up and started crying. He had to go for a walk and clear his mind. Nicholas, or as he was normally called, Nicky, is a young thirteen, he had just turned only the month before, has medium length strawberry blond shaggy cut hair, beautiful sapphire eyes, small cute nose and ears, soft jaw line and features, and is pretty small for his age, still not over the five foot mark. He is also almost totally devoid of any signs of puberty, only just a few soft hairs above his still small penis and just dropped balls. Nicky has grown up in the same neighborhood his entire life, he knows pretty much everyone that lives there, and while loli nude 12 yo he likes most of them, he adores Steven. He always stops and says hi to Steven every time he passes, and more than a few times they sat on the front porch of Steven's house just talking. Nicky did not know sex lolitta young that Steven was gay, it had never come up, but Nicky's mom knew, and like everyone else there, she had no problem with the fact that her son spent time with the gay man, he was possibly the nicest person around. Needing someone to talk to, someone he knew would listen to him, Nicky decided to head to Steven's and see if he was home and if they could sit and talk for a bit. He walked up to the door, but just as he was about to knock, he happened to catch a glimpse of something. The curtains to the living room were not pulled completely closed, and Nicky just happened to catch a glimpse of the TV, and what he saw were two men doing something that lo guestbook loli he had never seen before, they were in the process of fucking roughly. Not even realizing he was doing it, Nicky moved closer, to see it clearer, and as he did so, he happened to see Steven on the floor, doing something that he had never imagined as well. At that moment, Nicky came, it was so amazing to him to see the man he so adored doing something so naughty, so kinky, something that he had dreamed of lolicon hentai tpg doing to himself for so long, that it was just too much. Steven heard the noise and looked up, and he saw Nicky there, yet knew Nicky was not entirely there at the moment either, he had heard him cum, and he knew the sounds and sights well enough to know it as well. Pulling out his rather large dildo, Steven got up and grabbed his robe and went to the front door. He looked out to make sure no one was looking, and then grabbed Nicky, just as he was about to collapse, and carried him into the house. Quickly thinking to shut off the TV, so that Nicky did not see any more than he was supposed to, Steven just hugged the still quaking boy to him. It took almost ten minutes for Nicky to come down, free preteen lolitias and when he did, he started crying. “What's the matter Nicky, why are you crying?” Steven asked softly. “I shouldn't have spied on you.” lolicon porn picture Nicky sobbed. “It's not your fault, I should have made sure the curtain was fully closed, but I was too horny to have paid attention to that. It looks like you enjoyed the show though.” Steven said softly, knowing that young Nicky was having a hard time coming to terms with his sexuality. “No, I hated it, it was disgusting.” Nicky said strongly, but Steven knew otherwise. “Oh, I see. Why did you cum then, probably without even touching yourself?” Steven asked softly. “I...I.....I don't know.” Nicky said, crying even more still. “Look Nicky, let's try not lying to yourself any more. I know what you're going through, I know it's been a hard six months since your feelings started changing, I've seen it, and I've seen how depressed you've been getting. You now know that I'm gay, you can ask me any questions you'd like and I can answer so much for you.” “Are you saying you think I'm gay?” Nicky asked aghast. “It doesn't matter what I think Nicky, it's anime porn lolicon what you feel, and I'm offering my ear and my knowledge free preteen lolitias to you if ever you should desire it. And just so you know, you're not the only one around that knows I'm gay, even your mom does. It's no secret, I'm totally out and open, I have nothing to hide, and if you want to ask any questions, then you can feel free to ask me.” “Everyone knows you're gay and they don't hate you?” “No, of course not. Some aren't quite as comfortable with it still, but it's not like it was when I was your age, when I thought I'd get beaten up, and I probably would have too. It's lots better now. Granted, I'd still not say anything unless I had to at school, kids are still pretty cruel.” “Why are you wearing a diaper?” Nicky asked shyly. “There's two reasons for that, but I'd appreciate it if you didn't spread this around. First is technically I'm still a bed wetter, but the other reason is I've grown to love wearing diapers, so do so often when I'm at home.” “Oh, I used to wet the bed too, but I stopped a couple years ago.” “Yeah, I remember your mom telling me about your pains with that and how ashamed you were about it. I kept hoping you'd talk to me about it, but I didn't want to bring it up and embarrass you, but I could have helped you out a lot. Why wouldn't you wear diapers though, your mom said you point blank refused to after the age of seven?” “I didn't want to feel so babyish.” “Too bad, you would have gotten a far better sleep had you have worn them, but it was your choice I guess, even if I didn't agree with it.” “That's what my mom said too.” “Yeah, I'm the one that told her that probably.” “You know my mom that well?” “Sure, even still she comes over for coffee at least once a week, she knows you do too, well not for coffee, and she forum loli 11yo talks to me a lot about you, but don't worry, anything you've said to me in privacy has been kept as such.” “Oh, good.” Nicky blushed, because he had told Steven a fair few secrets over the years. “I'd never betray your trust Nicky, you don't have to worry about me. I do think however I'm going to tell you something that your mom and I talked about almost a year ago now. She started to suspect you might be gay, and then a few months ago, she came back and told me you weren't handling it well, and she rusian mafia loli wanted me to try and talk to you. I was seeing the same things, but you hardly ever came over in the last few months, so I didn't have too much chance to talk to you.” “Oh god, my mom thinks I'm gay!” Nicky screeched. “Once again, it doesn't matter what she or anyone else thinks, it's what you do. However, if you suspect you might be gay, and then try and force yourself to be straight, just because you think that's what you're supposed to do, I warn you, it'll only cause more hurt in the long run.” “How would you know?” “I'd think that that'd be pretty obvious.” “How so?” “Well, I'm rusian mafia loli gay, but when I was younger it was far harder than it is today to admit to being gay, so I tried to play it straight, yeah, that was the most miserable year of natural loli my life. I tried having sex with one girl, it was a miserable failure, and the taunts after that were beyond cruel. My budding manhood was crushed, and they all teased me that I must be gay. I took it for almost six months before I admitted to everyone that I was. I was beat up and taunted like you wouldn't believe. And all that before the age of fifteen. So trust me, I know, really I do. Granted, I'm not saying that if you are gay that you should tell everyone like I was pretty much forced to do, but if confronted, then it probably wouldn't hurt. There are still those that would harass you, but that's mostly just small mindedness shining through.” “Oh. Steven, can I tell you something, something I don't want my mom to know?” “Nicky, come sit down on the couch, I think standing here is gonna get tiring after a while, then I'd be happy to answer anything you care to ask and or just listen to you for the next several hours if hot lolicon sex you so desire.” “Okay.” “So, what did you want to tell me?” Steven asked softly as they sat down on the couch. “Well, I tried watching some porn on the computer tonight.” Nicky lolicon hentai tpg said, softly starting off to see Steven's dirty loli reaction. “If you think I'd give you trouble for doing that, you're mistaken. Every other kid your age is trying their damnedest to see as much porn as they can, and every parent lolicon hentai sex knows it. You kids have it way loli flash game easier than we did when I was a kid, or even older. Computers make it so easy to see almost anything you care to see.” “Oh. Well, that's not the worst part.” “Well, it really wouldn't surprise me if you were trying to see other boys your age.” Steven said softly. “No, I wasn't, I was trying to look at girls, but it made me almost sick, I just can't even look at a girl naked. That's just not normal Steven.” “Depends on your definition of normal I suppose. I feel the same way if I see a naked women, so don't feel bad.” “But I do feel bad. I'm scared Steven, what do I do, I think I'm gay?” Nicky asked, starting to cry. Steven just grabbed up the scared boy and hugged him tight as he cried his heart out for more than fifteen minutes. “There there baby, you'll be just fine. There's nothing wrong with being gay, there's no reason to be scared or anything, I promise. You don't think you're normal, but maybe you are, just a different normal. Remember, not one single person is the same, we all have our differences, and normal is really only just a state of mind. Everyone is weird if you really look at them, no one is normal, so don't feel bad.” Steven whispered right into Nicky's ear. “What do I do though?” Nicky asked, starting to calm down a little. “Live your life, be the good person you always have been, and when the time's right, get yourself a hot boyfriend to match your hotness.” Steven smiled warmly. “I'm not hot.” “Boy, if I were twenty years younger, I'd be your boyfriend in a heartbeat.” “Thanks.” Nicky blushed. “Now, do you have any questions?” “No, at least not yet.” “Okay, but remember to come see me if you have any questions at all, but for now, why don't you head home and go get a good sleep, I think you could use it.” “Okay, thanks Steven. Oh, and please don't tell my mom anything?” “Don't worry, I won't tell her a thing, but you probably vombat zeps loli should soon.” “Maybe.” Nicky said noncommittally. A few minutes later Nicky was gone for the night. Steven sighed, he had been holding his pee since Nicky arrived, but of course his diaper with a rather large hole in it would not have held it, so he went and changed his diaper. He was no longer in the mood to relieve the pressure that he had been feeling, even though he had not yet cum when he had been caught. The next few weeks, Nicky went to Steven's house almost as soon as Steven got home from work and they talked and talked and talked. After the first few days, Nicky became less embarrassed and more free, and was asking more and more questions. By the time that board loli top at least half an hour every night had gone by, Steven forum loli 11yo figured Nicky knew all there was to know about being gay, sex, protection, positions, and all sorts of other things. Of course they did not only talk about sex or gay things, they still talked about everything else that they always had before. “Hi Sharon, what's up?” Steven asked Nicky's mom when she called one morning, he had not yet gone to work. “Nothing much. Nicky told me last night when I got home from work that he was gay, and that he had been talking to you. Thanks so much for helping him out. He just needed a strong male role model to help him out. So, did you bring it up?” “Actually no, I didn't, but how we got on the subject will just have to remain our little secret. Suffice it to say though that he caught me in a rather compromising situation that told him all that he needed to know about me.” “Ah, I see. No matter, at least it's done. He seems to be doing pretty well, he's been happier these past few weeks as well, so that's good.” “Yeah, and by now, I think he knows everything that he needs to know. He's been coming over pretty much every day as soon as I get home from work and we talk for about half an hour to an hour, sometimes more, depending on what time you work lolika top 'til.” “That's really good to hear. You're just what he needed. I have a favor to ask you though.” “What can I do for you Sharon, you know you can ask me almost anything?” “Well, I want to go out for a couple weeks with the girls, we're planning a cruise, and I was gonna ask lolicon comix hardcore my sister to watch Nicky, but she can't and the tickets are already booked. I'd cancel it, but I'd lose lots of money, so could you watch him for me please?” “Sure. I have no problems with that. When were you lolicon hentai tpg leaving?” “First day of spring break, so in a little over a week.” “Oh. Well I'll see if I can book the time off work as well, so that we can spend the whole week together, that way he doesn't have to spend the whole day alone.” “He'll be fine during the day, don't worry about that, it's more just at night. He gets scared if there's no one in the house at night when he's sleeping and he doesn't like me going out late at night.” “No worries. I haven't taken kds bbs loli pics any real time off in a few years, so I think I deserve a bit of a break anyway. All I've taken was the odd long weekend, it'll be all good.” “If you're sure, I'm sure that Nicky would like that. I have to warn you though, he still wets the bed once every few months or so, but he's already wet the bed three times in the last two weeks, so hopefully he'll be okay. If you'd rather, you guys could just stay here too, that way he has a protected bed.” “That's no problem here, don't worry. preteen image board loli My spare bed has a mattress protector on it already anyway, from the last time he spent the weekend when he was nine I think it was.” “Okay, if you're sure.” As soon as Nicky found out the plans, he was ecstatic, he had not been so happy in a while. He was really truly starting to love Steven, more than he thought he could. Each evening they still talked more and more during the few days wait until Sharon went away for a week. Nicky even confided in Steven that he had wet the bed a few nights again recently, and even though he blushed, he knew that Steven would understand, and secretly, they were not as much of an accident as he would have led his mom to believe. Steven though did wish he could see the cute boy in just a diaper, that would complete his life he figured. “So handsome, you're all mine for a whole week, what would you like to do?” Steven asked Friday night when Nicky arrived. He had already said goodbye to his mom, because she was going to be leaving very kds bbs loli pics early in the morning, and both thought it would be better for Nicky to go to Steven's that night. “Don't know, don't care. Anything we do together will be awesome. I've wanted to spend the night here for a long time. But, I peed the bed again last night and the night before. Mom thinks that the changes I'm going through are lolicon comix hardcore messing with my bladder, so I think that maybe we should get something, so that I don't wet your bed.” Nicky started happily, but ended softly. He had been hoping he would have the courage to do it. “You want to buy some diapers, is that what you're asking?” Steven asked softly. “Yes please.” Nicky answered, blushing more so and looking at his feet, but secretly he was very happy he did it. “Okay, then we should do that now. Do you want to come with me, or would you rather stay here while I go alone?” “Um, I think I'd rather stay here.” “Okay, and would you prefer pull on or tape on?” “Which are better?” “Tape on usually are more comfortable and hold more, so it depends on how much you wet really.” “I've been wetting quite a bit. What type do you prefer?” “Tape on and thick as possible for nights.” “Okay, can you get me the same ones please?” Nicky asked shyly. “Of course. You want anything else while I'm out, did you eat dinner?” “Yeah, loli nude photos I ate before coming, I ate with mom, she told me I should. I don't think I need anything else though.” “Okay, then let me head out right away, make yourself at home, and you can put your stuff away in the guest room while I'm gone, you know where it is.” “Okay, thanks Steven, I knew I could trust you.” “Of course you can trust me, I'd never steer you wrong or do anything you didn't want.” “I know.” Nicky smiled warmly. Steven headed out right away and went right to the large medical supply store that he frequented, they had by far the best loli flash game diaper selection in the entire city, and he had searched long and hard. As soon as he got there, he headed to the area he knew by heart and grabbed the same diapers he liked in the youth size. He also grabbed himself a new pack, and then grabbed another couple things of wipe, some more hot lolicon sex cream and lotion, just in case Nicky wanted them he figured, knowing that he would though. He knew more about what Nicky was going through than he had let on, and he had wondered when Nicky would have the courage. As soon as he was all paid up, he headed back to the house, and he was back in under thirty minutes. “Nicky, I have your diapers.” Steven called out as soon as he was inside and had the door closed. “I'm in my room.” Nicky called back, so Steven headed up there. “Could you diaper me now please, I want to know how they feel?” Nicky asked, he was laying on his bed naked and in diaper change position. This was the first phase of his plan. “Okay, if you're sure.” Steven said, his mouth all of a sudden very dry. He licked his lips and stepped forth. Amazingly enough, Nicky was not hard, but all that he had was unashamedly on display for the man he wanted. Steven dropped the bags and fumbled in them for all that he needed. He set everything on the bed as he pulled it out, and Nicky smiled. Once done, Steven stood back up and opened the pack of wipes first, grabbed one, and cleaned Nicky fully. He then grabbed the lotion and lotioned his entire groin, and then ls loli imgboard added a good layer of diaper rash cream before finally pulling up and taping closed the nice thick diaper. Nicky never did get hard, something that surprised Steven, but he sure did sigh once the diaper was taped on. “You've been dreaming of that for a while, haven't you?” Steven asked softly after seeing a nice yellow spot appear in Nicky's diaper. “Yeah, I knew you'd understand, but after seeing you in them that night, I've been dreaming of you diapering me. You said that things like this aren't wrong, as long as no one's forced and you don't break any laws, and if it felt good, then we should do it. Well, this feels real good.” “I've known you wanted to wear diapers for a while. How many of your recent wet beds were real?” “None of them. I'm building up to full time wetting, so that mom doesn't start suspecting anything.” Nicky grinned. “You could always just tell her that you're a diaper lover. You know she'll support you.” “Yeah, and eventually I might.” Nicky smiled. “So, how does it feel?” “Awesome. Can I diaper you now please? I really want to.” “I don't know if that's such a good idea.” “Why not, are you hard? If you are, well I've seen it before, so no biggie. Well actually, it is pretty big, especially compared to my tiny little thing.” “No, I'm not hard, it just wouldn't be appropriate is all. As for your dick, it's not small, so don't worry. You'll also grow lots more bbs guide loli in the near future, so you'll get plenty big. You're bigger than I was at your age, so have no fears.” “Really, you've gotta be at least seven inches?” “Just nymphet loli a tad over, and yeah, at thirteen I was just over three inches hard, so don't worry so much.” “Cool. Come on, it's not wrong.” “Okay, fine.” Steven sighed, wondering if this really was a good idea. They headed over to Steven's room, Nicky not bothering to get dressed in the least, the only thing he was wearing was an already soggy diaper. As soon as they made it, Nicky helped Steven to get undressed, and then Steven pointed him at his diaper supplies, and Nicky grabbed everything that he would need. He came back and then diapered Steven the exact same way that he had just been diapered. He was saddened that Steven did not get hard, he wanted to see him hard again,and this time get to really appreciate the moment. “Thanks. It's been a while since anyone changed me, it lo guestbook loli was nice. You're very gentle. “No prob, so were you, it was really nice, and I'd never let anyone else diaper me, that was all for you.” Nicky smiled softly, warmly. “Thanks for the privilege then.” “Come on, let's go curl up on the couch and watch a movie, just us big babies.” Nicky smiled brightly. “Okay, but if you keep calling yourself a baby, I might just have to lolit porn pics get you a bottle and a soother.” Steven teased. “Really, you'd do that?” Nicky asked far too excitedly. “If you asked for it, I'd get it for you if it was in my power.” “Cool, could hentai tgp lolicon you then?” “Sure, next time we go shopping then, which might be tomorrow.” “Wicked, you're the best.” They headed to the living room and laid back on the sex lolitta young couch and watched a movie. Nicky loved the fact that he got to watch his very first movie in memory without having to pause it to go to the bathroom, and told Steven as much, and he admitted that he loved them for that reason as well. Nicky knew that it was too soon yet to sleep with the man he so wanted and desired, but he really did want to ask. Instead, as soon as the movie was over, Nicky moved and sat on Steven's lap facing him, and kissed him softly, more just a nice friendly kiss, it did not yet hold the passion that Nicky would soon show his man. “Thanks Nicky, that was very nice. It's been a long time since you kissed me, now give me a hug and head on up to bed, okay kiddo.” Steven smiled softly, getting just a little misty eyed. “Thanks, I missed kissing you, but I thought I was getting too old for it, but I guess I'm not really, after all, I'm just a little baby boy now, or again.” Nicky grinned cheekily. “Yeah, that you are.” Steven laughed and wrapped Nicky up in a hug. As soon as he let go of the hug, Nicky hopped up and started to head to his bedroom, but before he could get too far, Steven smacked his cute soggy bum. “Make sure and change your diaper before bed please, or you'll leak.” “How about we change each other instead?” “How about kds bbs loli pics no, not this time. You need to lolitop nude 50 learn to do it on your own too if you're gonna start wearing diapers. I can't and won't change you all the time, and really, I probably shouldn't be changing you at all, you're too old.” “Fine.” Nicky sighed, he knew that there was no point in arguing it tonight. “Thanks. Have a good sleep, okay.” “Thanks, and you too.” They both headed to their bedrooms, and the diaper lover side of both of them was thinking the exact same thing, because they both poked a bunch of small holes in their only half wet diapers and put another right over top of them. Once nice and thickly diapered, they both climbed into bed and fell fast asleep. Chapter 2 Steven was the first to wake up the next morning, so he got up and headed to the kitchen to make himself some coffee and get started on a nice filling breakfast for the two of them. Nicky awoke to the wonderful aroma of frying bacon wafting through the house. A scent to almost guarantee the awakening of even the most stubborn sleepy teen. Nicky sighed as he climbed out of bed, he had slept better last night than he dirty loli remembered sleeping in so long, that and he had a really nice thick and soggy diaper on, how much better could it get he figured. Well, he knew, but knew Steven was not ready for that yet, hopefully by the end of the day. “Good morning there handsome, have a good sleep?” Steven asked as soon as he noticed Nicky coming into the kitchen. “Yeah, I had a great sleep, how about you?” “Same here. Are you double diapered?” Steven asked after looking to see how wet Nicky was. “Yeah, are you too, you look hot lolicon sex just as thick and wet as I do?” Nicky grinned. “Yeah, I am. You really are a budding diaper lover, aren't you?” Steven asked happily, he so loved seeing the cute teen boy in just a nice thick diaper. “Not budding, I think we can call it full fledged now, I'd wear them all the time if I could.” Nicky smiled brightly. “Yeah, know how you feel. I've worn thinner daytime diapers to work a few times, but I was so afraid someone would catch me, but I still do it from time to time. I've worn them lolitop nude 50 to the amusement park a few times, and if I have to go for a long drive, I wear as well. Otherwise, I pretty much only wear while at home.” “I think I know how you feel, I don't think I'd want anyone to catch me either, but I'd risk it too. I can't wear to school though, the other kids there would find out and I'd be dead meat in a heartbeat.” “No, and it wouldn't be a good idea either. So, is bacon, eggs, and deluxe hash browns good with you?” “What's deluxe hash browns?” “Potatoes fried perfectly with lots of onions, mushrooms and red peppers, and then smothered in a three cheese blend. Super fattening, and a treat I rarely have, but delicious beyond contest if you ask me.” “Mmm, does sound good. I love bacon too, and I do like eggs, but hard yolk or scrambled for loli images me please.” “You got it.” A few minutes later their breakfast was complete, so they sat down and ate it, eating every bite there was to be had, both enjoying it a great deal. “That was great, thanks.” “No prob, glad you enjoyed. Care to help me clean up?” “Sure.” They both got up and cleaned up the kitchen, it did not take long at all. “So, what would you like to do today, something fun, this is after all my first real vacation in a few years?” Steven asked once they were done. “Anything with you'll be great.” “That doesn't really help me much. Well fine, I didn't want to have to do this to you, but you've forced me to. I have no choice, I hope you understand. I know it'll be horrible, probably beyond description even, a torture never before survived by any teen, but I have to do it.” Steven said sadly, really hamming it up, lolite tgp and Nicky was giggling. “The amusement park opens today, so let's go there.” “Wicked, you mean it?” Nicky asked excitedly. “Of course I do. I wouldn't have said it otherwise.” “You're the best. Can I wear a diaper there like you will be?” “How do you know I will be?” “You said so yourself that you wear them to the amusement park, so I want to as well.” “Okay, but we'll have to go shopping for a couple things first. Not too big a deal, considering they don't open for like four hours anyway.” “Okay, but what for?” “We need thinner daytime diapers for you and a diaper shirt as well to hide your diapers from anyone seeing them.” “Cool, where do I get a diaper shirt from though?” “Dance and gymnastics supply free preteen lolitias store, nice and simple.” “Cool. Can we go now?” “No, first you need to get out of that big soggy diaper, and then you need to have a shower, you board loli top stink more than even I do, and that's saying a lot. Then you have to get dressed properly, and then, after that if the stores will be open, then yes, we can leave.” “Oh, okay, that sounds fair enough.” Nicky grinned and took off for his bedroom, and to the bathroom that was pretty much all his. As soon as he made it there, he stripped out of his very wet double diaper and skipped to the bathroom to have a nice long hot shower. Once in there, Nicky started his shower the same way he started every shower for nearly the last year, with a good jackoff session. After blowing two nice tasty teen loads, he got started on cleaning himself up fully, washing his hair twice and conditioning it even. He then hopped out, dried off, put on his deodorant, brushed his teeth and hair, and then put on some of his loli open hot nude cologne. Then skipping back to his bedroom yet again, Nicky got dressed. Steven went to his bedroom and pretty much did the exact same things, in almost the exact same order, only he only blew one load, but he did slurp it up as well. Once he too was ready, he headed downstairs to bbs guide loli wait for Nicky. Once Nicky came down, they were ready to go, so took off. “This is the medical supply store I use, do you want to stay here or come in with me to check out the selection?” “I really want to go in, but I'm hentai tgp lolicon afraid to.” “In a place like this, you really don't have to be afraid. They sell so many diapers to all sorts of people that one more will really make no difference to them at all. They also don't need to know that you don't need them, for all they know, you just need them at night, or they might not even be for you. They won't care one way or the other.” “Okay.” Nicky said softly and opened the door, working up the courage to do it. Once vombat zeps loli inside, Steven steered them to the diaper section and showed Nicky all that they had to offer. They had a whispered conversation, Nicky wondering what the best for daytime use, so Steven pointed out the ones he liked, so Nicky asked for them as well in his size. Steven grabbed them, not wanting to make Nicky do it yet, and they headed up to pay. The lady at the till only smiled and rung it through, really saying nothing about the diapers, kp pt loli but pleasantly talking to natural loli them as they were doing their business. “There you go, that wasn't so bad, now was it?” Steven asked softly once they were safely in the car. “Easy for you to say, I almost peed myself a couple times. I'm pretty sure I was blushing a bit too, even vombat zeps loli though I tried not to.” “She noticed, hence the reason she talked to you about something completely other than the diapers that were clearly for you.” “I figured as much.” “Besides, I know how you feel. At least you're not buying them for yourself for the very first time. Now that was embarrassing, but in time it got easier.” “I believe you.” Nicky laughed. “So, to the mall next I think.” “Okay.” They headed there and the first place they stopped was the store that lolika top Steven had mentioned. Once there, Steven helped Nicky to pick out a few diaper shirts, he ended up choosing six in different styles and colors. From there they hit the baby and toddler store that the mall had, and Steven took Nicky right to the bottles and soothers and told him to pick out at least one of each thing that he wanted. He ended up choosing two bottles, both of them with his name engraved on them, and three soothers, all with clips to keep them attached. “Is that all you want?” “Um, I think so.” “Spit it out, what more do you want?” “Do you think they'd have a footed sleeper that'd fit me?” “I doubt it, and certainly not in this lolicon comix hardcore store, but we can go somewhere preteen image board loli that might.” “Really, thanks?” Nicky smiled brightly. They headed to a department store next, but sadly had no luck, Nicky was just too big to fit even their largest one. They tried every other store in the mall as well, but could not find one to fit. Steven promised to research and see if he could find something, Nicky was happy. “Well, now we head home and get changed and pack a diaper bag and then head out.” “Cool, I can't wait to try on my new diapers and diaper shirt.” “Good.” Steven smiled brightly. The drive was short, but to the young diaper lover, the drive was far too long. They entered the house and Nicky immediately headed towards Steven's bedroom and started stripping. Steven actually chuckled as soon as he entered his bedroom to see Nicky down to his underwear already by the time he made it there, and he had not taken long at all to do so. He did wonder though why Nicky nymphet loli was doing so. “Shouldn't you be in your bedroom getting ready?” “Why, I want you to diaper me, and then I'll diaper you, so that we can get ready.” Nicky said as he was removing his underwear, and then laid on the bed, all before Steven could say anything further. “It really isn't appropriate though for us to change each others diapers Nicky, you're old enough to know what people might think if they knew we did that for each other.” “Yeah, but no one has to know, and really, lolicon porn picture we're not doing anything wrong, so, who cares what they think.” “Easy for you to say, it's me that'd get tossed in jail without question, and no matter what you or I said, that's where I'd stay.” “No you wouldn't. Now, quit being so scared and come get your little baby nice and diapered and dressed.” Nicky smiled warmly. “Fine, but we really shouldn't be doing this.” “We're not doing anything other than changing each others diapers.” loli sex links Nicky said softly as Steven moved forth with the new diapers. In his mind though Nicky was thinking not yet. It only took a few minutes, but before too long, Steven had Nicky diapered and into his new diaper shirt, and then told him to get up and get himself dressed the rest of the way. Nicky though told Steven lolicon hentai sex to strip while he was getting dressed, so he did. As soon as Steven was naked, Nicky urged him onto the bed on his back, and without further argument, Steven did so, sighing defeatedly as he did so. Nicky hoped that Steven would continue to cave to his requests as quickly and easily, but he knew that the man would not cave as quick in the one area he so desperately wanted him to. A few minutes later and Steven too was nicely diapered and into his diaper shirt, so he got dressed. As soon as he was able to, Steven videos lolicon 3d grabbed his backpack and started throwing all that they would need into it. He had six diapers each, the wipes, and two changes of clothes each, for just in case. “You ready to go now kiddo?” “Oh yeah. I've never been to the amusement park before, this'll be so wicked.” “Really, you've never been before?” Steven asked in surprise. “No, my mom doesn't like going there, she doesn't like the rides, and she doesn't like seeing others on them. Something about once when she was younger and seeing a ride fail and someone getting really badly hurt, so she's never taken me.” “Oh, that's too bad. It can happen, but it's so rare. Really, you'd be more in danger in your car on the street if you ask me. Is she gonna have a problem with me taking you though?” “No, I doubt it. I was gonna go with a friend once, and she was letting me, but I ended up getting the flu the day before, so they had to go without me. It really sucked, I so wanted to go, but now I get to go with you.” “Oh, okay, as long as she won't freak out on me for taking you then, that's okay.” “Okay, then let's go.” Nicky said excitedly, Steven just grinned. They headed out and hopped in the car. The drive was only about twenty minutes to get there, and when they arrived, they paid for the parking, then paid the outrageous fees to use the park, and went in to have the time of their lives. Their first stop was to the lockers so that they could store their backpack, and then they headed off to the first of the rides. Because Nicky had never been on any rides at all, Steven felt it prudent to start him on some of the tamer rides first and get him more used to it. Granted, tame was just going on the smaller adult rides first, not going to the kiddy rides. Eventually they worked their way up to a smaller roller coaster, and that only took them at most an hour. Before too much longer, Nicky was begging to go on the lolicon porn picture biggest and scariest looking coaster in the park, and that was only two hours after arriving. Before they did that though, Steven thought it would be a good idea to get a diaper change, so they headed to the locker and grabbed their backpack, hit the family washrooms and they changed doujinshi loli gallery each other on the floor. Once they were both nice and dry again, they headed out to the biggest ride in the park, and it was a real doozy too, but Nicky loved it and asked to go back on it again right after getting off. “Wow, this is like probably the most fun I've ever had. Thanks so much for sex lolitta young bringing me here.” Nicky said effusively after riding that coaster three times in a row. “I'm glad that you're enjoying it. Now let's go have some lunch, I'm lolite tgp getting hungry, so that means you probably are as well.” “Yeah, now that you mention it, I could stand to eat a brontosaurus burger right about now.” Nicky giggled. “You and me both. After lunch we'll take about an hour off the rides and look at all the other stuff here to let our lunch settle some, because the last thing I want is for you to throw up all over the place, it really isn't very fun.” “Oh, okay, I can see how you might think that.” Nicky laughed. They headed to food row to see what all there was to eat, and they both chose what they wanted and Steven gladly bought it all for them. They found a nice shady spot under a nymphet loli tree and sat down there and ate. Nicky was still hungry, so Steven gave him a twenty and told him to go get what he wanted, so hot lolicon sex he did, and a few minutes later came back with what appeared to be another full meal. Steven nymphet loli only laughed and shook his head, Nicky just grinned and sat down and ate, all of it. “So, you finally ready to go mister stomach?” “Hey, I did a lot of running around, I burned off lots of energy, what can I say.” Nicky giggled. “I know, I was just teasing you. I would have joined you in getting more food, but I wasn't quite that hungry, so I'll wait and grab a snack later if I need to.” “You know, this place is really good for more than just rides, there's tonnes of really cute boys here too, isn't there!” Nicky whispered to Steven. “Really, I hadn't noticed that before!” Steven gasped. “You're so weird.” “Thanks. But yeah, this place is always really good for the eye candy, so many hot guys here, and I hate to embarrass you, but I think you might be one of the better looking boys here, although I did see a couple men that were damn hot. Trust me, if I were into boys, you'd be right up on the top of the list, at least for me. Out of the boys wandering around though, you're clearly on the top of the hotness scale, and I'm not just saying that because I know you either.” “Thanks Steven, I think the same about you though, you're pretty hot yourself.” “Thanks Nicky. Now, if you're finally finished eating, let's go lolit porn movie look around at all the exhibits for a bit and see what we can see.” “Okay.” Nicky said excitedly, hopping up and grabbing Steven's hand to pull him up as well. Nicky did not let go though once Steven was up, instead he stayed holding onto his mans hand and dragged him off towards the exhibits area of the park. Steven tried a couple times to let go of Nicky's hand, but Nicky was having none of it. He liked it too much, it made him feel closer to Steven. For a little more than an hour they looked around, and then headed back to the lolite tgp rides after a quick diaper change, just so that they could lo guestbook loli last for a few hours. For the next three hours they ran throughout the park, almost literally, and Nicky took Steven on every ride that looked fun, and they both had a blast. They went for another diaper change, went for more food, looked at more exhibits, and then rode the rides for another few hours. They had a snack, looked around again, and then rode until sex lolitta young the park called that they were closing. “Well kiddo, sounds like it's time to go. It's lolitta top tgp been a long day, so let's say we go get our wet diapers changed and head home.” “Okay.” Nicky said happily. They went to the family washroom after grabbing their pack, and this time they changed each other into their night time diapers, knowing that they would hold for the whole night and not worrying about if anyone happened to nymphet loli see that they were pretty thick in the bums. Once all ready to go, they headed out and drove home. Nicky, not so surprisingly was sound asleep by the time they made it there. Steven just picked him up and carried him to his bedroom, stripped him of all his clothes until he was in only his diaper, and then covered him up. Steven then headed to his room, stripped down to just his diaper as well and crawled into bed. Chapter 3 “Mmm, morning Nicky, whatchya doin' in here?” Steven sighed as soon as he woke up to find Nicky laying in bed with him, cuddled up nicely. “I just woke up a few minutes ago and thought I'd come in and lay with you for a bit until you woke up and to say thanks for yesterday, it was a lot of fun.” Nicky smiled. “I'm glad you had fun, but so did I. It was nice to go with someone who likes to go on all the rides with me. Most of the guys I've gone with haven't wanted to go on all the rides, if any.” “Well, any time you care to go, I'd be happy to go along with you so that we can ride together.” “I'll just bet you would be.” Steven laughed. “I would be.” Nicky smiled warmly and then reached up for a kiss. The first kiss was one of just friendship and lasted no more than a lolicon comix hardcore second, but when Nicky pulled back, he figured now was a good time to start his plan, so reached back in. Steven thought nothing of loli teen nn it, not until the kiss lasted for a few seconds, and that Nicky was trying to introduce his tongue. “No Nicky, you can't do that.” Steven said, easily pushing away the young boy. “Why not, I wanted to kiss asian pedo loli you?” Nicky asked innocently. “A friendly kiss, okay, but what you were trying to do was more than a friendly kiss, and where that was headed you cannot go, I can't allow it.” “Why not?” “Nicky, are you falling in love with me?” “Yes.” “Well, that was honest.” Steven loli virgin innocent 13 chuckled. “Nicky, you can't do that though, I'm old enough to be your father, I'm more a father to you than your own father is, you're too young for me, I only like older guys, and so many other reasons why you can't go down that path.” “Steven, I'm gay, we both know it. I love you, we both know it. You love me too, I know you do, and you say that you only like older guys, well in a few years I'll be an older guy too, but ls loli imgboard for now, I want and need you to teach me. I've always loved you, now I know how and why though.” “No Nicky, it can't happen, plain and simple, sorry, but that's final. Now come on, let's get up, you go hop in your shower and get dressed for the day please.” Steven said while crawling out of bed. “Okay.” Nicky said, knowing not to push it any further yet. Steven was almost surprised that Nicky did not push further, or ask to shower with him, change his diaper or anything, he just nodded and got up and headed to his bedroom to get cleaned and dressed as well. They both hopped in the shower and washed themselves, Nicky jacking off twice and Steven only once as they did so. free preteen lolitias They then headed back to their bedrooms where they both decided to get diapered and dressed for the day. The rest of the day went by for them, and while they had fun and talked a lot, neither said anything about that morning, Nicky because he knew to let Steven work into it slowly, and Steven just hoping that that would be all and if he said loli flash game nothing, then it would all go away. Steven had ushered Nicky out to the backyard after dinner to play for a bit so that he could clean up the house a bit, and loli nude photos Nicky did so. Just as Steven was about to start, the phone rang. “Oh, hi Sharon, how's your trip going?” Steven asked after finding out that it was Nicky's mom. “Really good, and how about you guys, is everything going okay there? I would have called last night, but we loli sex links were having so much fun I forgot 'til it was too late to call Nicky.” “Um, well good I guess.” “You guess. Is Nicky behaving himself?” “In a manner of speaking, yeah. Why wasn't he able to stay at your sisters though?” “This doesn't sound good, but I think you already know the reason.” Sharon chuckled. “Sharon, please don't tell me you sent Nicky here for me to teach him?” Steven asked warily. “He's in love with you, and I knew he needed to spend more time with you to learn more about who he really truly is.” “Okay, well that's all fine and dandy, but did you ever think to ask if it was what I wanted, to teach a young boy in the ways of gay sex?” Steven asked, sounding more than a little kp pt loli frustrated. “First of all Steven, I never thought that he'd want sex from you, although I did wonder if his feelings for you'd eventually lead there, and second of all, even if I did know, do you think I'd let you know, you'd need to learn to fend him off on your own. And third, again, if I did know, yes, I would have put him with you, because I know you'd never hurt him, he loves you, and I know you love him too, and I respect that, you're like a father to him, and if it's what he wants, and you want it too, then I'll give my blessings.” “It's, well it's just I'm not into boys, but I don't think I can hold him off for long.” “Of course you're into boys silly, you're gay. What you mean maybe is that you're not into young boys.” “Of course.” Steven sighed, trying not to laugh. “Where is my monster anyway?” “Out in the yard, I figured he needed to burn off some energy and I needed to clean the house.” “That's good. Can you go grab him though so that I can at least say hi?” “Sure, just a minute.” Steven said and then went and called Nicky and told him that his mom was on the phone. “Hi mom.” Nicky said a few moments later when he finally made preteen image board loli it in to answer the phone. “Hey baby, how's it goin?” “Really good. Steven took me to the amusement park yesterday and we had so much fun.” “That's good. And are you behaving?” “Of course I am.” “That's not really how I see it from what Steven tells me. Care to tell me why Steven thinks you might want him in more than a friendly fatherly type?” “Oh god, he told you that?” “Yeah, he thought I was setting loli boys sex him up.” “Oh, well yeah, I kinda do.” “Then be careful, he's clearly not as sure about what you want as you are.” “Really, you mean it?” Nicky asked giddily. “Yes baby. If it's what you really want, then I won't stop you, but if fre loli bbs it's not what Steven wants, don't go raping him please?” “Oh, I won't, don't worry. So, are you having fun too?” “Yeah, I am. I didn't call last night because I was having so much fun and forgot 'til it was too late.” “That's okay. We weren't even home last night, so you wouldn't have gotten us anyway.” “I know Steven's cell phone number, if I didn't get you at the house, I would have just called that, so no worries.” “Oh right.” “Well baby, I should be going now, these calls cost a fortune, but I'll try and call again tomorrow.” And from that evening, she did call every night to get an update and to say she loved him. “Okay, bye mom, love you.” “Love you too, have fun.” “Thanks, and you too.” “Will do.” She smiled and they hung up. As soon as he set the phone down, Nicky went in search of his man. “Hey there, what did your mom have to say?” Steven asked as soon as Nicky walked in the room. “Nothing much, except that I wasn't to rape you. I can't believe you told her.” Nicky said softly. “Sorry, there's certain things I won't tell her, but that I had to.” “That's okay. She knew anyway I think from the sounds of it. So you thought she was actually setting you up with me?” “Yeah, it's the type of thing she'd do. In fact, I've had a couple blind ls loli imgboard dates from her. I just never expected her to set kp pt loli me up with her thirteen year old son. I'm still not entirely convinced that she didn't either by the way.” Steven laughed. “Maybe she did, maybe she knows more than you know about what we both need. I know I love you, I know you love me, you know it too, you feel it in your heart, I see it when you look at me, especially when I'm in just a diaper, now you just have to let go and learn what love is. You've said it before to me that you've never fallen in love, really truly, well I think I can show you that.” “Maybe she does know, but is it what I want, is it what's right? That's the thing I don't know about. What you want isn't only just very illegal, it's immoral and wrong, it wouldn't right for me to abuse the trust and love you have for me in doing that to you. What you want will not only hurt you physically but mentally as well. You might even think it's what you want now, but in the future you won't think so.” “How could you know what I'll feel in the future, no one knows that. What I want for you to do to me is to love me, lo guestbook loli to make love to me, there's no abuse there, nothing immoral or wrong. Sure, the law says it's wrong, but how often are they wrong? You'd never abuse my love or trust of you, I know that, you know that, and I wouldn't do that to you either, but together we can love each other.” “You've been listening to your mother speak too much.” “Hey, I can't help it if she's a marriage and love counselor.” Nicky grinned. “Yeah. Well either way, what you want isn't what I want Nicky, so I'm afraid there's to be no more trying to push me into sex with you, no matter how horny you get.” “Fine, but I think you're lying to yourself. Can I at least ask you to borrow a movie or two and a lolicon hentai sex couple toys from you? I can do it in my room.” “I'm not sure that would be responsible of me, even though I know you could just go do it on your own. I won't give you the stuff you ask for, but if you were to look in my end table drawers you'll find everything you need.” “Thanks Steven, you're the best.” Nicky said, flinging himself at Steven and hugging him tenderly for a few moments before reaching up and giving him a quick peck on the lips and hopping back down. Nicky ran to Steven's bedroom and opened up the top drawer and found the toys. He chose two dildos and one butt plug. They were all the smallest ones Steven had, and there were some pretty big ones in there. Granted, even his smallest would be a hell of a stretch for the young boy that was about to learn what anal stimulation was like. He also grabbed a full jar of lube, boy butter, and then opened up the other drawer and found the movies. From the pictures and titles, he picked out one that looked like it might be a lot of fun to watch, and then skipped merrily from the bedroom, hard as can be inside his soggy diaper. As soon as Nicky made it to his room, and he did close the door, he put the movie into the DVD player and turned on the TV, then flung himself on the bed so that he could get started. He knew the basics of what he was supposed to do, he had already read enough dirty loli on the internet to know what to do, but he had not yet inserted anything inside himself. Deciding that he wanted it the same way he had first caught Steven, he poked a hole in the seat of his diaper, and then scooping up a good helping of thick gooey lube, he inserted two fingers through his diaper and started toying with his soft pink ass lips, he sighed. It felt so good, and he had not even inserted a finger, yet, but that was to come. After a few minutes of playing, Nicky did just that. He felt that he was relaxed enough to make it happen without pain, so using his middle finger, because it was biggest, he stuck it right inside himself. He moaned lowly, no pain whatsoever, only lolit porn pics joy beyond joy. Leaving his finger buried in all the way for only a few seconds, enjoying every second loli porn pic of it as well, he got used to the feeling. Then starting to move his finger in and out and all around, Nicky found joy even more than he had previously experienced. It took only two minutes for Nicky to realize that he was definitely a lover of anal invasion, and that he wanted more inside himself. So he slipped his index finger in as well, and moaned even lower still. He kept still for only a few seconds to get used to the feelings, and not because it hurt, but because he did not want to cum yet, and if he started fingering himself so soon, he knew he was going to. Once he backed away from his orgasm a little, Nicky started once again fingering himself. He was now moaning and groaning almost non stop. Never before had he imagined something that could feel so good, yet he knew every one of his friends would think it was gross and vile beyond belief. If only he could prove them wrong he giggled to himself. Using two fingers, Nicky fucked his own ass for only a few minutes before deciding that he wanted more. He grabbed the smaller of the two dildos and dipped the entire end into the jar of lube, and as soon as he had the dildo poised to enter, he pulled his fingers out and slipped it inside until it was kissing his ass lips. Knowing that he had not opened himself quite as much as the dildo was large, Nicky used the tip of it to play around and open him nice and slow and gentle. It took only a couple more minutes before he was able to slip the entire head of the dildo inside his ass, and he sighed even deeper than before. Nicky stopped once again to allow himself to hold off his onrushing orgasm. After almost two minutes of waiting, of pushing his orgasm back, lolit porn pics Nicky started inserting the whole of the dildo, not stopping until he could go no further. He moaned deeply the entire time the six inch long fake erection slipped inside himself. Without waiting now though, Nicky started jacking it in and out, slowly at first, but building up quickly as his orgasm came closer and closer. Nicky knew that loli open hot nude there was no way on Earth that he was going to be able to hold off any longer, everything was just feeling too good now, it was the best thing he had ever experienced he felt. Sticking his hand inside his diaper so as to collect any boy cream that he had to offer, he really gave it his entire effort. Jacking the dildo in and out at nearly lightning spe
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